Personality Development

It wasn’t just about helping these children overcome the fear of being on stage or speaking loud enough for the audience to hear. It was about helping them develop the self-confidence they didn’t know they had or learning to work as a team as they coordinated efforts with so many others.


Goal setting is an incredible tool. Learning to value yourself and not feel guilty about it. Realizing that you have choices and opportunities if you want to take them. Weekly feedback from exercises was very valuable and being in her presence was a very positive experience.


This Personal Development session by Youthopedia has helped me to take responsibility for the life I am choosing to live. I am looking forward to the future and taking the time to follow my chosen pathways. I am choosing to be more decisive and self-assured. With the knowledge I have gained through the course, I really feel I can take steps forward toward achieving things that will enrich and fulfill my life and all those around me.