Priyashi Srivastava
Psychologist, Rehabilitation Counselor

Priyashi Srivastava is a Psychologist, Rehabilitation Counselor, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Career & Life Coach. She is the founder of Vairagya- Rehabilitating Life, India's first ever Psychospiritual Training School and Centre. She is an enigmatic soul envisioning to spread awareness on Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health. Since embarking upon on this journey, she has helped more than 100 Individuals across the nation to recognize their potential and live their purpose, develop faith in themselves, humanity and life.

She completed Masters in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, trained with Rob Dial and Ichars for Life Coaching and pursued Post Graduation Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology from Adarsh Rehabilitation Centre, affiliated with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and with formal training at Jaypee Hospital under the Psychiatrist Dr. Mrinmay Das. She was awarded the Achiever's Award from the Director of Amity University, Dr Ashoka Chauhan for her leadership skills in the field of Psychology.

She is a visionary with a mission to empower all the beautiful souls by offering Retreats, Coaching, Counseling and Training programs such as ‘Being the Conscious Parent’ Program, ‘Stress Management’ Program, ‘Life Coaching’ Program, ‘Hypnotherapy’. Her courses offer empathy, integrity & collaboration in all aspects of life.

She has been a guest speaker in popular podcasts like SitePlow Talks on Conscious Parenting, Mental Health Awareness, Spiritual Well-being Management, Stress & Anxiety Management amid Cavid 19, Dealing with Burnouts in 2020 and much more. She has also addressed the National Level Conference on Mental Health Awareness in CTTE women's college, Chennai as a guest speaker.

She focuses on building cognitive resilience, releasing past traumas, boosting productivity, increasing self-confidence, life skills, resolving interpersonal conflicts, identifying the illusions created by one's mind, rewiring core beliefs, and maximizing potential. Her counseling & coaching style is described as free-flowing. introspective and insightful.