Koutilya Chhajed
Founder of ‘Divibe Healing

Koutilya Chhajed, Founder of ‘Divibe Healing’, a Counselling and Healing centre has been helping students since 2010 to be emotionally strong and stable. He specializes in Training, Counselling and Consultation for more than 15 years with the intention of dramatically increasing profit, productivity and performance of students and freshers..

Academically, he holds a Degree in B. Com, LLB, MA (Clinical Psychology), MMS (MBA). M. Com and Diploma in Psychology, Training & Development and Journalism. Apart from being a Corporate Trainer and Guest Lecturer, Consultant and Counsellor, he is also a writer and a painter.

Koutilya is associated with many Companies and Educational institutions for counselling and training. As someone who has traveled widely, his experience and association with people from various domains help him to effectively manage them and their behavior. He not only trains a wide range of Management and Communication Programs owing to his wide exposure to various industries but also into Behavioural Training and Counselling. 

Koutilya is passionate about inspiring lives and transforming people. Because of the dedication, he is well known for his highly-charged, energetic and power-packed sessions. He has a never-ending approach towards innovation; his quest for continuous human & talent development promises a highly energizing and power-packed training style that leaves an everlasting impact on the participants. He helps clients apply knowledge into ready-to-use skills.