Megha Jindal
Career Consultant

Megha Jindal is an expert Softskills Trainer, Image Consultant, and Career Management

Professional. Till now, she has worked with over 1500 people, providing them with training and

assistance for various kinds of skill development. She works with students, corporates, NGOs,

private businesses, and working professionals in the One-on-One consultations or Group

Sessions, conducted from time to time. Her aim is to empower individuals by helping them

understand the gaps in their existing and expected skill-set. She helps them diligently work

towards providing the right direction.

She was working as a marketing professional in a big corporate company when COVID hit. She

went back to her hometown and saw that a lot of students from friends and family were

approaching her for career recommendations. Having worked as a marketeer with TedX, the

world's largest Public Speaking and Educational Platform, she already had knowledge about

guiding and confidence building. Also, her experience of working with organizations like Akshara

NGO, Red Cherries Entertainment, Creations by Shanagar, Aboveskills, etc. helped her a great

deal to understand the requirements of HR in big companies. So, she decided to go ahead with

tutoring the students. She was glad to see that they were meticulously clearing their interviews,

cracking jobs, and their applications were getting shortlisted, that's when I decided to get into

the field of career counseling properly so that she can make students aware of the importance

of various soft skills and other things that can help them get big jobs

She holds a Diploma in Soft Skills, Image Management and Train The Trainer. She not only

prepares students for interviews but also the right business, formal etiquette, dressing and

grooming standards, formal body language, etc. The students guided by her have been able to

grab jobs in companies like Fullerton Financial Services as Brand Manager, Manipal Hospital as

Ops Manager, Bajaj Finserv as B2B sales head, Vendanta as senior Auditing head, and so on.