Yagbala Kapil
Career Counselor

Founder- Yagyasayz..Evolve!Educate!Establish!

An Engineer by mind, academician by heart and an entrepreneur by soul, Yagabala understands that this pandemic has affected the life of many and have inspired them to become job creators rather than job seekers. With focus on helping skilled freshers to start something on their own, she guides and councils freshers to pursue various careers suiting their skill sets. After attending the FDP organized by IIIT Delhi, she  started mentoring the budding entrepreneurs and job seekers to fulfill their dreams. 

Having rich experience of more than 18 years in academics and Industry in India and across the glob, she is a person with a positive approach who is, always eager to do something innovative. She believes that every day comes with new opportunities and challenges and one must always try one’s best to remain productive. 


She has a keen interest in the area of research and has published various research papers, both nationally and internationally. She has conducted various workshops and training programs for faculty members, students and corporate professionals. She has also conducted women entrepreneurship development programs sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, the recent one being on soft skills for Government Police officials at Centre of Detective Training School, Ghaziabad(Uttar Pradesh), India. Being a member of the Institutional Innovation Council governed by the Ministry of Education, she is actively involved in mentoring and guiding budding entrepreneurs in their start-up journey.


She has been awarded with Ojaasvi Nari Samman, 2022 by Shubhstar group for her tremendous contribution in transforming the lives of students.