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The Thrill of Being a Naval Officer

Not only in the sky but in the ocean, we will rule the world!

Making India proud at a young age! Lieutenant Shivangi, a great example of breaking the barriers and working hard to achieve all her dreams. A 24-year-old Lieutenant Shivangi said ‘Golden stripes and wings are all I need’, A proud moment for India to ha....

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A fighter and warrior in all situation “Geeta Chauhan”

Geeta Chauhan, an International wheelchair basketball player and a budding National-level Tennis player who has represented India in many games. Geeta belonged to a middle-class family in Mumbai. She struggled and overcame many obstacles to become what she is today.

The struggling phase


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Fears are Always Worth Facing

We live in the 21st century, but do we feel equality in this modern era? Even in this modern era people are judged on the basis of looks, skin color, weight, richness, etc and what matters is physical features, not inner beauty. A very great example took a stand on how pure one’s inner beauty is and shaped her life with all her e....

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Choose to make a change

Do you choose to make the change or you just think about the change?

We live in a society where people think, before helping others it is generous to help yourself first. When it comes to a tough situation, look after our own selves first but what if someone in this cruel world has suffered for 22 years for other benefits? Read more


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