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Are you looking to establish your career as an artist? Her

Creativity takes courage in all the spheres of life. Artists have to go through the entire process of finding gigs or events for themselves and have a hard time promoting themselves further. Let’s face it, promoting your talent is one big task that requires strategic planning and implementation. But you might wonder, how to promo....

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Learn some effective skills to crack an interview

Have you given interviews and didn’t hear back or you get annoyed after giving interviews as you couldn’t give your best? If yes, then this article is for you!

Even after obtaining the highest marks,....

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How to write a winning cover letter?

To be in a shot of getting an interview for that job, you will try your best but do you feel that submitting only a resume is enough and satisfying to the recruiter? Then you are terribly mistaken here because only a resume can’t impress the recruiter. A resume complied with a cover letter has a be....

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How Top brands and recruiters use Artificial Intelligence

In this competitive world, the first obstacle is the recruiter’s judgment through scanning resumes but what if the resumes are halfway and unable to reach out to the recruiter? Do you wonder how do big organizations select the qualified candidate’s resume in present times? Well, it is an easy....

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Real or Fake Job, How to differentiate?

Searching for a job can be a tiring task, so we end up filling applications without even considering what the company is about, where its located and other essential information. While many of us stay alert, some might fall into fake job scams. It’s a pretty big thing, people usually fell into thes....

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Mistakes to be avoided while framing a Resume

Are you tired of sending your resumes and not hearing anything back? Then it’s time for you to re-vamp your resume because it gives the first impression of professional life to the interviewer. Resumes are the first chance to show your talent, skills and how are you a perfect fit for the organizati....

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What is the right sequence of a Resume?

In today’s market, before giving the valuable time to an employee for personal interview, organization have designed a set rule for selecting employees. The procedure begins with the very first step of selecting the potential resumes. A resume is a very essential marketing tool which demonstrates t....

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Best Social Media Strategies-Hacks To Promote Your Talent!

As an artist, you know how much hard work goes into keeping up with the daily grind — developing a schedule, creating content, playing in gigs, booking your next move, and more. Among these things, you might forget a very important element of promoting your talent! The most powerful tool for promot....

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Hunting for a Job? Take a look at Hiring Companies!

The second wave of coronavirus in India has hit the country like a storm. Businesses are suffering from huge losses; many sectors are going through difficult phase of job and salary cuts. However, there are many companies which are actively hunting and recruiting freshers for essential roles. If you are ....

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Here are 5 best practices to ace the virtual interview

To argue that COVID-19 has altered the world is an understatement. In more than a year since the virus hit the world, it has overturned everyday lives globally. The pandemic has altered how we learn, work, and interact. Social distancing rules have acclaimed a virtual existence, both professionally and p....

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Tips to boost your marketability, during COVID-19

The last year has clearly been unprecedented for the economy and employment. At 15%, unemployment levels in the US are worse than what they were (10%) during the 2008 financial meltdown. Although India didn't put out job numbers during the pandemic, the situation is undoubtedly the most challenging i....

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